Proposed TTXGP racer

Proposed TTXGP racer.

This is a CGI image produced for sponsors during my abortive attempt last October [2008] to create an entry for the 2009 'carbon-free' TTXGP race in the IoM. It's based on a Cad layout which used a lot of stock 'Voyager' parts, including a complete Mk11 front end with the latest iteration of the footbox design (now also on a C-max conversion nearing completion.

This bodyshape is based on very basic aerodynamics but incorporates various features not entirely visible and some other features remain secret. It is based on the new aerodynamic rules, overturning the 1957 ban on streamlining, that have been written for this race series. There is an obvious connection between this shape and the NSU 'Hammocks'from the 1956/7 record breaking attempts.

The specification included 150Kgs. of LifeBattery Li-ion Phosphate cells, driving an Lynch Motor Company twin-rotor motor. This set-up, at the time of termination of the project, had been developed to carry 15Kw/Hours of energy, all capable of being used in the 37.33 miles, with brake regeneration. This amounts to around 100BHP continuous. Note that the NSU, with slightly better aeros did 240mph with 40bhp. We expected to hit 200 mph in three places. The vehicle would have been close to the top weight limit of 300kgs and the wheelbase was similar to the Banana. My experience of riding vehicles this big and heavy in the IoM (Quasar, Banana) leaves me certain that this entrant would have been highly competitive.

At the end of October 2008 the people promising the money ran off in traditional style. That's motor racing. Interest in the concept continues outside England where TTXGP entrants have concentrated on finding excuses for avoiding the FF layout. This, at least, allows this image to be released.

Proposed TTXGP racer