Beast modifications

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Last night I lowered the seat 3" and adjusted the Trailing Arm (front swingarm) pivot back .700" thinking my low speed handling problems are the result of too much trail.
Also went to Deadwood and got a license plate. Have to correct my earlier Blog, the LT is a year 2000 not 1999, also I have 45 years riding experience not 35. Fuzzy math going on when I wrote that (35 years).
Can't wait to try the new setup.

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First Impressions

Just reading your comments about first ride of your FF. You should be encouraged, it responded well in an emergency. Also your description of the 'hammock' sensation, and the vehicle 'swinging about' under you are consistent with a long wheelbase FF like yours. Finding the steering light and responsive is also good and reducing trail nearly always works, untill you run out of self-steering effect at low speed. You shouldn't have a problem with stability with the telelever.

You'll probably find you're 'overcontrolling' initially. You've got both the increased stability of low CG, due to reduced potential energy, and your long wheelbase, plus the increased agility you get from shorter CG paths and better control authority - it takes a while to relax on the steering and let it roll, especially if you're used to wrestling large motorcycles.

Getting the seat back angle right is quite important. If you're uneasy it'll handle uneasily, if relaxed it'll be much nicer.

Once you get a bit used to it it's worth making sure the front springs aren't too hard, soft is safer. If you have handling problems after that seek a lack of torsional stiffness somewhere.

For lightweight bodywork you need composite (GRP) skills, similar learning curve to learning to bronze weld, two possible prototype, hand techniques; 'Carved Foam' and 'Fabricated Sheet' Some examples on this site. Worth study, valuable constructional techniques, but need spearate facilities from machine/metalwork shops

Good luck!