Quasar Mk2 VF750 19/8/11

After pre-MOT test ride. Ready for MOT with one or two faults to fix which may fail it. Engine power is superb and yet another Quasar that needs the roof raising as head height is tight! Last minute tweaks to the rear brake saved the day! Glad to hear "I can't find anything wrong with it" after all the work I did.

Quasar Mk2 VF750 19/8/11

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VF750 update

Swapping the carbs over with the donor has worked and starts from cold first time. Also replaced the original Honda 8" fan with a slimline 9" revotec one. I was surprised the new Odyssey PC680 battery actually fitted in the same place as the old so didn't need to make a new home for it. Next is to fit the digital speedo and see a boat repairer about raising the roof.

New shocks

Finally got the front CHS wheel off so could replace the front shocks to complete the set. Will add the new radiator fan and remove the thermostat to help cooling. Next is to have the roof highered.