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Hi All,

My name is Roger Dunkley, I live in Wellington, New Zealend and I have been building my enclosed motorcycle for about 3 years now. I have recently tested it at the closest racetrack, this was the first time I have been able to really test it out and I was very happy with the results, rewaching 174 km/h about half way down the main straight with no instability and getting to about 45 degrees of lean round the corners.
I have built it for touring rather than track use so my next step will be trying to get it certified for road use, I don't know how difficult this will be as the certifiers hven't seen anything like this before!

There is more about it on this blog - and some YouTube clips (hope to have some more from Manfield race track soon)

-First test without body panel and other temporary parts -

and an onboard at the racetrack -



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Nice job! Go on, tell us all about it, single seat? suspension? Sounds very well set up on the track, good luck getting it on the road. How does you outrigger system compare with the Eco/Monotracer system?


Road Legality for NZ FFs

Congratulations Roger, your beast looks brilliant. Suggest you get in touch with Dave Lochead in NZ regarding getting your machine street legal. As you can see elsewhere on this website, Dave built his own Quasar replica in NZ three years ago and got it on the road OK. See here, in the Quasar section:

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Thanks for the comment, there

Thanks for the comments, there is quite a bit of info on my blogpage - just ask if you have more questions...

I've still got a lot of sorting out to do!


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Brilliant. Your weight seems well forward, which I think is good.
And the passenger setup, with seperate seats, seems good.
The on-board video round the track has some nice reflections
of the clouds on the canopy!
I've looked at the blog.


The bodywork stops forward of the rear of the rear wheel, unlike other full-bodywork FF's I have seen, and starts ( with quite a height), forward of the front wheel. You could build a temporary add-on structure to add to rear end and retest. Maybe make it deliberately too long to start, to ensure CoPressure is moved back enough, then shorten it till instability returns. Can you run it with stabilisers down/nearly down to avoid further bodywork damage?? Jan.