Cmax, lost in Bristol

It's not a car, let alone an electric car (looking forward to BMW new E-car appearing on this site any moment) but here's some footage of the 2010 Cmax on it's recent visit to Bristol. This was a major editing job - 75% of the original footage showed it stopped at traffic lights, Bristol Councils "Stop all Traffic" policy starting to "work" here. Visitors to Grat. Rd. may also note the new route needed, but it's the second left turn, not the first. The Genius responsible is one Mark Bradshaw, if he ever gets to be minister of transport you'll need a skateboard.

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Finding Gratitude Road....

I have been visiting your house since the 80's and I still don't know how to get there, so any road blockages will probably not make much difference to me. Mind, I haven't got over them closing Greenbank Road by the cemetery and that must have been at least 15 years ago!