Bikeweb censored?

Obviously it's pot luck how long an picture stays in the 'latest image' slot. Sometimes days, sometimes a few hours. No problem. But when one gets replaced after afer a few hours by the Previous image, you have to wonder what's going on. Honad, not liking it up them? Human agency surely involved.

I think we should be told, preferably by the human in question.

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"Latest Image"

"Latest Image" appears to mean "most recently uploaded OR Edited". So if it's changed it's because someone has edited something else. I just edited the image of the Honda Concept thingy and it replaced your image of the revamped Banana.

BTW. Nice to see Honda have caught up with John Bruce and the early 80s BSA.

That's a relief, maybe

Well that's a relief. Thanks for making that clear. Given the prevelence of corporate and state input to comment sections on all sorts of sites, as advertising and propaganda, I sometimes wonder where all the coverage of non-FFs comes from - but I guess I'm just a paranoid anti-capitalist (among other things). The reality is that it's just one-make enthusiasts; no-one's ever heard of Bikeweb or FF's.

Photo's vs Blog posts with photos

This post is still here long after the photo is hidden away in the folders. Once a new post is posted, this will simply move down. It's pretty easy to link to a photo in a blog post, so if you really have an axe to grind (as if!) blog it!

As as example I have included a thumbnail and a link to a photo in this comment. To do this, put the following in your post

<a href="/node/2840">
<img src="/files/images/_84O6108.thumbnail.jpg"/>

Note the link (where you go when you click) and the image are not full URLs because they refer to places in Bikeweb.
I could also have used ""
To find what those URLs are, just right click on the image and select Copy URL

The result it this.


Bikeweb. Censored.

Separately from the above, although related to the sensitive feelings of the Honad motor company, the fact is. Bikeweb comment has been censored.

The moderator has a perfect right to do this, up to an including barring commentators that are felt to be abusive or even 'uncivil' No doubt.

However if Bikeweb is to retain credibility, as the news site and forum for all things FF then I believe any such censorship should be declared. Along the lines of the BBC comment forums;- "This comment has been deleted for exceeding polite limits" - or some such. Otherwise it risks being seen as the mouthpiece of some interest goup, cabal, noisy individual - or corporate entity.

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Completely agree Royce. What

Completely agree Royce. What was censored? Let me guess, was it something about Honda STILL not making a decent effort at engineering an FF?

Seems odd thing to remove from here, it's not as if Honda are bothering to read it. Blez has told us as much.