England responds to American challenge (?)

Maybe it's just me, but it seems scarcely credible that "land of motor racing" England's sole response to American Rob Horn getting on-track with a race FF is an OAP shuffling around a workshop somewhere in the vessuf vinglan. Must say something about the fabled 'Motorsport Valley cluster' not to mention the TSB, the Niche Vehicle Network and the English FF community in general. I'll leave someone else to work out what that something is...

Anyway, here's the small but slowly, so slowly, growing collection of finished bits that represents that response to date. I don't think Rob's too worried.

England responds to American challenge (?)

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Apples with apples

That's hardly fair. Everyone knows that all Americans have huge workshops full of tools.

Oh wait..

Building long bikes in short sheds!

Peter, your 'American with a tiny shed' pic reminds me of Pete Lawrence and his tiny wooden shed in Stanmore, NW London, in which he built the famous Delta FF way back in the mid-80s. I have some black and white photos of it somewhere but it was definitely shorter down the longest side than the length of the bike! There's a pic of Pete with the finished machine here http://www.bikeweb.com/node/640