That's all folks!

Here's Monoliner, out of the bodywork tent, coyly hiding most if it's body under a sheet, scheduled for delivery in the new year. I'm very happy to note that this is effectively the end of my final FF project - the last of the many.

An appropriate moment to wish a happy Christmas and productive new year to the next generation of FF proponents, designers and constructors!

That's all folks!

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Looking forward to seeing the

Looking forward to seeing the covers off. Hopefully I'll have something to show in the next 18 months or so.

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Not your last FF project

Not your last FF project Royce? You've got a Fat Jogger to slim down!

Looking forward to seeing the Monoliner on track soon.

Hmmm, we'll see

There are a couple of things in the way of re-creating FJ in a lighter, stiffer form and they're not technical.

First I have to negotiate with an insurance company to ensure that I'll be able to insure the 'modified' result, I'm an innovator, not a classic vehicle restorer - it'll have to be better to be worth the effort.

Second, I have to be able to afford it...

Tempted by a friends suggestion that I simply park it on the (flat)garage roof, as a warning to other would-be innovators.

Colin's taking delivery of Monoliner early in February, plenty for him to do finishing/fitting out, hopefully it'll be on track later in the summer.