Lit Motors Gyrobike - 2015 update

For 2015 Lit Motors have subtly restyled their gyro cabin bike, added some important details and lengthened the wheelbase. PNB
Photo: Lit Motors website.
Lots more info and pics here:

Lit Motors Gyrobike - 2015 update

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Is there any reality to this project? Clearly an FF, but one that would be lighter and work better with less stuff (the Gyro). Then there's the steering - how does that work? Given the lack of doors maybe it's one of they driverless thingies....

In the last thirty years FFs have progressed (if that's the word) from real vehicles that (still) work rather well but look ugly (I'm told) to pretty vapourware that never seems to condense into reality. Clearly Art (as in 'no practical use') but not much of a contribution to the world of efficient personal transport!

No, it's not vapourware

Clearly, as demonstrated by the many videos of the two prototypes built and shown operating in real life since 2012, this is not vapourware. Whether the final production version can be made to perform in the way claimed, at the price predicted, is another matter. This is the latest video, as of January 2015:

OK, so it's not Art, either

OK, not Art. As you say, another matter. As I said; Simplicate, Add lightness. Look at what all the other damm fools have done.

But that's just my point of view of course. I think that the world increasingly needs forms of personal transport that will always be cheaper and more efficient than E-power cars. So that the vast cohort of users that can't afford E-cars can get about - incidentally using less energy and causing less congestion.

That means vehicles that are at least as simple and efficient as E-cars will shortly become, but do more with less. By having less frontal area, less vehicle, less weight, less battery.

Not excercises in adopting technology for it's own sake to amuse rich innovators - although of course they're at liberty to waste their money any way they like.

It's just that for the money and time spent on this project there could have been a practical E-FF on sale by now, actually being some use.