Prototype FF at MIRA

Smoke testing Monoliner at the MIRA Wind tunnel 12 Feb 2015
photo: Paul Oesten-Creasey

Prototype FF at MIRA

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Where's the Data?

I thought there was more data here, sorry.

This windtunel test using smoke, as shown, consisted of three sessions, up to 60mph. In the break between tests some adjustments were made, both pre-planned and as a result of observations of the previous sessions. The pre-planned adjustement provided a reduction in drag from .24 to .21, only .03 more than the fully enclosed NSU 'Hammock' record breakers of 1955/6. This is probably a world record for an open cockpit race vehicle and less than half the drag of a racing motorcycle. Other adjustements confirmed the value of foot enclosure and provided valuable insight into other aspects of the airflow over this shape.

It is obvious from the smoke video available in 'books' that an electric version would delete the radiator intakes and exhaust. I am confident that such a shape would further reduce drag, very probably below the NSU figure (a fully enclosed, specialised, land speed record breaker) Monoliner is a track racer, using a pretrol engine to allow prolonged development running of this novel race vehicle The FIM will only allow FF's in 'E'racing although some American classes allow FFs - see Rob Rings Racers. So E-race FFs have a much better chance of entering actual races. That's the theory, this is the vehicle development protoype, just need the E-drive and a suitable sponsor (!)