Monoliner at MIRA,, short compilation

Here's a short video that Paul Oesten-Creasey put together, showing, not too much. of Monoliner performing at Mira. Looks like cooling shouldn't be a problem...

To see the full picture get on to project leader Colin Russell and offer to sponsor the race project!

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Looking good......

Fabulous stuff! Great to see the shape complete. Looks amazing, look forward to seeing what it does on the track.


Anyone who has not seen the Monoliner promo posted about 12 months ago should have a look at it.
Only about 150 people apparently have seen it!
The video needs more promotion.

Monoliner is incredible.
I would like to see its lap of the Nurburgring.
With its game changing aerodynamics will its top speed exceed other m/cs with twice the bhp?