ZEV: Ripe for FFing!

Made in West Virginia, the ZEV LRC 12.2 looks superficially like a Burgman 650, but underneath it's all electric, with most of the batteries situated nice'n'low.
(See the naked photo in this folder).
It's actually got a longer wheelbase than the big Suzuki Burger and the makers claim a better range and a higher top speed than BMW's C evolution electric maxiscooter, for a lot less money. They are happy to ship their products anywhere in the world and already have a few outlets in Europe. PNB
Photo: Courtesy of ZEV

ZEV: Ripe for FFing!

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Can 'ardly wait..

Yep, there it is, the first E-scoot that can be FF'd by any competent vehicle technician. Some details about price, speed, range, weight and all that boring factual stuff would be good - to give an ideas of what can be achieved.

So now there are several choices for the keen would-be FF owner;-

1. Buy one, take off the bodywork and do a quick and dirty conversion - just needs proper bodywork and a seat back system, but it might be a while before anyone turns up to buy the old bodywork.

2. Buy one and put the E-powertrain into somnething a little more er.. elegant. (Or lighter, stiffer and shorter, at least) - then there'd be a ZEV with a slot for a Rover V8 or something, to sell to the custom crowd.

3. Get onto to ZEV and explain to them how they can improve range, speed, handling, safety and comfort, chiefly by visiting Bikeweb.

I'd go for option 3, can be done from an armchair, wouldn't require any of those terribly rare technical skills, except I've retired of course.

What I'll do instead is forward this item to the American FF enthusiasts in case they haven't seen it.

ZEV into eQuasar

Personally, I can't help thinking about a ZEV-based or ZEV-powered Quasar!