Norton Rotary FF progress

Finally after many years of inaction I am pleased to announce some progress on my Norton Rotary FF.
After Royce provided me with a rolling chassis build from a Norton Rotary Commander rear end and his grafted on to his designed front and middle sections things went a bit quiet. I have all the usual excuses to hand as to why not a lot has happened:)
But now having visited John Bruce's event last summer he persuaded me to crack on with the project. Over the last month or so he has taken it onto another phase.
John has build me a petrol tank, located positions for the battery and fabricated a carrier which will house all the major electrical components and started working on a simplified electrical system, also worked on the control cables and more.
On Wednesday last Richard Negus the retired ex-boss of Norton Motors ltd kindly came down from North Lincolnshire to Usk and oversaw the start up of the very special Norton Rotary engine which had not been started for almost 10 years. Amazingly when all was in place albeit needing all of our six hands to manipulate fuel, choke, throttle and power the engine fired up very easily, sounded great and was a great relief to John and myself. Richard had quietly expected it to start and was in no doubt, he confided in us later!
So now we have a running rolling chassis, John is continuing his work.
The aim is to get the machine to a point where it can be registered for the road for testing without major bodywork and iron out any problems.
Rob Ring