Chris Baker in VF750 Quasar with Panniers, in Köln, 1986

Chris Baker riding the VF750 Quasar in Cologne/Köln for the motorcycle show there in September 1986. Chris carried on to the south of France and back. Note the wrap-around panniers designed for the original Quasars, which kept the machine very narrow. Also note the ubiquitous Malcolm Newell trade plate, 334 MR, which shouldn't even have been driven outside of Wiltshire, let alone taken abroad!
Photo: © Paul Blezard

Chris Baker in VF750 Quasar with Panniers, in Köln, 1986

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Chris Baker

Chris is notorious for a number of endevours, such as starting the Dangerous Sports Club and then getting up too late to participate in the inaugural bungee jump off the Clifton Suspension Bridge. He also donated the Difazio centre hub used in 001 and 002. Well illustrated here are his extraordinarily long legs. He briefly owned Voyager 02, which had a third radiator fitted in the left hand footbox, crucially reducing adjustment and there wasn't enough leg room available for Chris - so 02 went on to it's third owner, Martyn Jones in Wales. He took my wife, Ingrid, on one of his trips to Germany in this bike, visiting the NSU museum and returning with some excellent pictures of Gustav Baum's record-breaking Hammocks (and a speeding ticket) He currently owns a Woodland Cemetry, north of Bristol. He's a hero of the FF revolution!

I was fitted (up) with that 334 MR trade plate on one of our Quasar IoM visits, the local authourities didn't think that was at all funny and fined me £5...

Ingrid in Deutschland, mit Chris

This was the very trip on which Ingrid was a passenger in the VFQ to Deutschland.

Hammock photos!

I realise that the NSU Hamoock photos referred to are on film, and weren't ever digitised (1986). This is why you aren't looking at them now. Ingrid was a skilled and well-equipped film photogerapher then and the A4 colour shots include most of the surviving Hammocks, inclding the one that Gustav regrettably died in. The aerodynamics on show are obsolete now but well worth study by any modern for PTW aero-specialist. When I find them I'll put them up.

Baumm NSUs already on Bikeweb!

As anyone who has perused the 'Historic FFs' section of Bikeweb in the past 6 years will know, there are 9 photos, ancient and modern, of Gustav Baumm's record-breaking 'Flying Hammock' NSUs streamliners in their own dedicated folder, here:
The two modern photos, in glorious technicolor, were taken during a trip that John Bruce made to the museum in 2009. PNB