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This is for the people who follow this site for whatever reason - but either don't know or don't care what an FF two wheeler is. (Hint. This is not an FF)


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Super Moped.

It's not even a scooter. With a top speed of 45kph / 28mph, it's not exactly setting my world on fire. But if I was sixteen, had a rich dad, and wasn't allowed to have a two wheeled motorcycle, this would be quite something! How about an electric one for adults, with a decent performance?

Not an FF?

Royce - could you elaborate on why it's not a Feet Forward?
I'm curious as to what the exact definition of an FF is now - because I genuinely thought it was if your feet were forward of your body.
I totally understand if there's more to it (more complex front ends etc, I notice the Carver appears to have conventional telescopic forks for some reason (didn't the original have a HCS?)). :)
(Obviously it's not a 2-wheeler either. ;) )

Basic FF definition

"An FF is a TWO WHEELER with a seat base below 20" above the ground at ride hieght and a seat back capable of fully supporting the rider" Other elements, notably HCS, where the suspension is not steered, optimise the performance opportunities provided by the law seat and seat back but are not essential.

This definition has been in use since the seventies, it's origination is described in the piece "read this first" and other pieces dealing with the history of FF development.

FF's are, legally, Powered Two Wheelers (PTWs), not tricycles or motor vehicles (which have four wheels). PTW dynamics are distinct from powered multi-track vehicles.

It is possible to use more than two wheels in line and there is an example on this site (by Arthur Middleton - three wheels) but the basic dynamics are the same as PTWs.