Wheelbase dimensions for various FFs and related vehicles

56" Broom/Hesketh Mako FF
58.5" Creasey HiTechati FF
59-61" Middleton Honda/Kawasaki 500 FF conversions
60" Gurney FF
60" Honda CTX
60" Fryer VeloFF
63" Wreford KawaBanana
63.4" BMW C Evo
64" Rowledge "Heart of Gold" FF
64" Suzuki Burgman 650
64" Pegrem Genesis MK1 (Burgman 650 based) FF
64.5" Creasey Voyager FF
67" New GW Honda/Indian Roadmaster
67" CX500 Difazio Flying Banana FF
68" Newell Z1300 Phasar FF
72" Newell TwinHeadSteer RD250LC FF
72" Creasey Monoliner FF
72" Pegrem Genesis MK2 and MK3 FF
74" Lawrence Talbot FF
74" Horn FF racer
77" Newell Quasar FF
80" Original Mini
80" Kitchener rear engine ZX6/10 "Laid back to the future" FF
83.75" Creasey rear-engine Norton Rotary FF
88" Newell Slug FF
115" Ecomobile (early)

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Thats; a very interesting list Michael, thanks for that.

Slight correction and additions;-

"Creasey Voyager (AKA Production Voyager) actually 63.5"

"FJ" (prototype Voyager) 60.3"

Cmax conversion - as stock Tmax - dunno what it is

For information, it's worth noting that most prototype (one-off) FF's here have wheelbases contrained by the powertrains available. Given the option wheelbases around 62" provide good stability and agility, longer wheelbases may be more stable at very high speed.

Fouché GPZFF

Mine is also 67"