Dave Arthur's Electric Cabin FF

Dave Arthur's latest electric creation, still in its most basic and very early form and powered by the same forklift truck equipment that he used on the previously Gold Wing-powered Phasar which can be seen here. http://bikeweb.com/node/3347
This more Ecomobile-esque cabin machine has CBR1000 wheels, forks, brakes and swinging arm and Dave's own design of outrigger system. It is already capable of being driven, and Dave has two short videos to prove it! They are about 20 seconds each:
Driving out of the yard; title on YouTube is: "First run in my electric FF":

Driving back into the yard: title on YouTube is: "First run in my electric FF return":

April 2020 Update. Dave has uploaded two more videos of this machine in action. PNB This is the link for the 2nd outing:
And this is the link to the 3rd outing:

Photo: Dave Arthur Sept 2019

Dave Arthur's Electric Cabin FF

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Well done, Dave. Glad you're

Well done, Dave. Glad you're sticking at it! Looking good. I rode a Zero electric recently, and really liked it. Just the cost at the moment. But it's the future - or at least a version of it. Colin