All-Electric Rendez-Vous! ZeroTracer Meets EMT in LA (2010)

An historic photo of the day in December 2010 that the X-prize-winning electric Monotracer No.79 met the electric DesignWerk ZeroTracer in Santa Monica (near Los Angeles) on its way around the world. West Coast Monotracer guardian Stefano Paris is the man with his back to the camera. The green machine in the front is the Vectrix-based Australian trike known as TREV which also completed the lap around the world in 80 days with the ZeroTracer PNB
Photo: from Renewables 100 blog

All-Electric Rendez-Vous! ZeroTracer Meets EMT in LA  (2010)

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Interesting how much lower, and sleeker the Monotracer is compared to the ZeroTracer. And also how paint colour can make such a difference to the appeal. FWIW, the yellow scheme looks so much better.

History - Arnold's that is

Quite a lot of aero development between the Mono and the Zero, Arnold's done a book on the subject, which includes his other inovations and even a mention of the English FF "Cult" (it says here) - "Acrostar, Krafteir + Kugelmotoren ISBN 978-3-613-30728-5

You'll need to speak German, but there are some good pictures... Ingrid says it's Arnolds version of events (well it would be) and implied that I'll find it a bit partisan but it's reasonable to gloss over English FF efforts. The best that could be said is that we laboured mightily - and brought forth a mouse.

Mono & ZeroTracers – same bodyshell!

Royce and Colin are deceived/confused. Point of information: The ZeroTracer and electric MonoTracer in this photo share identical bodyshells. The chief difference between them is that Frank and Tobi decided to use the wheels, steering and suspension from a Triumph Rocket III for the ZeroTracer rather than those of the BMW K1200 used in all Monotracers. The other key difference is the electric motors. The ZeroTracer used a 100kW Brusa unit (as used in the only electric Ecomobile, and the first electric Monotracer, No.72). The electric Monotracer No.79, pictured here, used an AC Propulsion unit with 150kW (201bhp!).
There are of course aerodynamic differences between the Ecomobiles and the Monotracers since they have completely different bodyshells. The Monotracer is a little more aerodynamic. PNB


I'm just looking at pictures in a book written in German - while reading all this pedantry about which Pereaves product was which. And you're right. It is pretty confusing. Fortunately I don't give a shit.