Monoracer street video

Here's a very recent video of the E-Monoracer driving about a town and motorway. Good quality film, the Monoracer is almost silent. This really should be up in "Films" with all the other FF videos

It comes with an announcement that I think is about a demo's at Brno in June/July, some of which have already happened. I'll come back with more info once Ingrid has read it.

If it isn't a Monoracer but some earlier device, being driven by some person or other a few years ago, I'm sure someone will let us know. Then again it came direct from Arnold and the pilot is wearing a facemask so I'm fairly confident...

PERAVES CZ E (4).pdf2.04 MB

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Another Mono racer video

And here's another video of the Mono racer doing a very sedate first lap of Brno. These vids all came in a press release announcing the launch of this bike at Brno with opportunities to have a sit in the back round Brno etc. There's a date left in July (2nd and 3rd.) if anyone feels like nipping down there and quanranteeing for a fortnight after, but I can't put it up because I've reached my video limit (the site tells me) Keen Journo's and very rich would-be owners reading this will just have to contact Peraves directly.

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Good stuff. Much quieter than the old ICE models, that's got to be a big improvement. I wonder how agile it is, not really a street racer I guess but a lot more relaxed and peaceful than anything open-cockpit. Also quite impressed by the clean wake, very little water being sucked up on the wet laps. Spooky though, going the wrong way round at Brno...

Did you shoot this yourself? if so, what did you think about the experience?