The Motorcycle of the Future (1957?)

These striking images of an Italian FF design appeared in a French magazine, which I can't identify. I'm not even sure which decade it appeared, let alone which year. I suspect it's from the 1950s. The headline 'La Moto De Demain' means 'The Motorcycle of the Future. The full introductory text at the top translates as: 'With bodywork that unites aerodynamics and protection, the engineer Remondini has designed The Motorcycle Of The Future... which probably won't be French!' Its similarity with other pioneering designs such as the Avro Monocar, the Whitwoods and the Lawson Neracar, are striking. And even the original green Creasey Voyager for that matter, although, from what I can tell, it doesn't have the same ability to transform from single seater to dual seater in a few seconds. It looks as if the 2-seat version below was conceived as a different model, since it even has the kickstart in a different place to make room for the passenger's left foot! No idea whether a prototype was ever actually built, nor which motor was supposed to power it. We only have the first few paragraphs of the accompanying article here! PNB
UPDATE. According to the story linked to by Martin Ansell, below, this was a 'design exercise' in 1957. See here:

The Motorcycle of the Future (1957?)

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Design exercise from late 1950's

Apparently this was the last project of the firm

Thanks Martin. Fascinating

Thanks Martin. Fascinating story. Only one line about the FF though, sadly! I will amend the info above accordingly. PNB