Electric FF for Sale

Hi Everybody
Just a quick note to inform you all, Dale Engineering is now officially going into the production of Electric FF motorcycles, and electric, reverse trikes. No its not an April fools joke, though as a business model, !!! let’s just say, I could see several better options, than going into this arena. My change of heart, comes from nothing more than a breakthrough in ev motor pricing, and I am now able to secure water cooled 50hp motors at a price that now makes the above a viable proposition, which until recently was a very big stumbling block. My first motor should be available by September and I hope to have a roadworthy vehicle by Christmas. I already have an existing 750 Suzuki that has previously been converted to electric, and is registered as such, and I will probably resurrect this initially to test further. The baseline vehicle will have a top speed of over 80 mph and a combined duty cycle of over 200 miles from a 15/20 kw battery pack, and will retail for under £25,000
With regards to the above, to hopefully start the ball rolling, I am prepared to sell the first 3 off at below cost. The first one at £17k the 2nd at 19k and the 3rd at 22k. All I require is a down payment of £1000 and further stage payments as the project develops, any time you are not happy, just cancel the order for a full refund, minus £200 admin charge.
The electric reverse trike, until recently had been fitted with a Suzuki Hayabusa motor, but the motor has been sold on to further finance the EV project. Subject to your design requirements, it can be built very frugal, and an inexpensive platform, or from mild to wild and the first one will probably be fitted with a Yasa P400 motor, or motors, which we currently have available, with 160KW on tap, but can’t calculate costs, due to the number of options available. Finally, I have amassed a large qty of ev hardware used and new, and we have just acquired a complete 2020 Jaguar I Pace battery pack, and these will be used initially, until a more optimized pack has been developed, and some of these modules will also be available for sale. If anyone is genuinely interested you can email on daleenglsr@gmail.com or tel 07964049808 for more information. Yours Dave Dale Engineering

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Go for it Dave

Best of luck! More intitative then BMW, More relevent than Triumph,