something missing?

Astonishingly, BMW have revealed their CE04 electric 'scooter' without having resolved what to do with the tail section. So there isn't one.

Siezing this opportunitiy I will be happy to offer to design, build and fit an FF tail section, complete with seatback, passenger facility and lockable luggage space. For money.

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FFing a CE-04

Interesting. Clearly the seat looks 'bolted on', so ought to unbolt. There looks to be a good 40mm(?) drop under the rider to utilise. I can imagine a redesigned seat frame, with a lowered riders saddle (worth looking at shock absorbing foam for upholstering that?) with a comfortable and supportive seat back (wonder if one from a BMW i3 could be adapted?) and a box for luggage behind the rider. Might need a better screen too!

The bike, from the specs, doesn't look to have lost that much from the C-Evo - the More Crap than News page says "41.4bhp and 45.7lb-ft of torque, has a range of just over 80 miles with a top speed of around 75mph" - so it's a bit slower and has a bit less range than the bigger battery Plus, but they go on "and will charge from 20% to 80% in 45 minutes with a fast charger" obviously a massive improvement over the very slow charging C-Evo.

Looks like a good candidate.

Beats me

Absolutely agree. Difficult to understand BMWs thinking. They're a real vehicle company, they must know about the 'last mile' issue. This is an obvious cargo scooter candidate. let alone an easy FF conversion. Maybe they didn't think they could get the price low enough for cargo and their religion (motorcycles) prevents them thinking FF. Impossible to understand. I invite anyone who knows what this is about to comment. I'll mail the UK distributor.

It;s a bit feeble as an FJ replacement but it would be a great urban FF or cargo scooter - but £11K?

arsey - or wot?

Looking around the current motorised bicycle scene, not least EMN and of course the CE04, There's a clear styling trend to leave everything behind the seat fully exposed; wheel, suspension, drive system etc. Usually with the farcical legal-minimum 'mudguard' on production examples but with the rear wheel completely exposed in almost all 'concept' offerings.

What's that about? I've followed the various stages of motorised bicycle styling over the decades - Imitation Racer', Penis ornament, Startled Insect, Heriitge Retro. and so on. But what goes a bare rear wheel say? "I'm a real person because I've got a fat wheel in my arse crack"? I am really curious.

Obviously a bare rear wheel is a disaster aerodynamically. Any exposed wheel generates huge turbulence, even 001's tiny 90/90x18 wheel generated 100mm of turbulence on each side. And of course it's not much fun for following traffic on a wet motorway. Is that it? Motorised Bicycles being aimed at Climate Change deniers (Efficiency? I don't care) and sociopaths (Spray in your face? I don't care). Fits in well with E-scooters I guess (Safety? not interested) although E-scooter users in Bristol, like street skateboaders, are doing a decent job of playing by the rules.

Could it be "It's not a cargo scooter, it's got a proper big wheel"? - Or in the case of the CE004, just "It's not a cargo scooter, it's completely useless" I'd like to think it's a last desparate attempt to avoid looking anything like as FF, but despite the brilliant publicity campaign run by this site and FF enthusiasts everywhere I never meet anyone who's even heard the term.

Who knew?

I had my Delta on the VMCC stand at the Scottish Bike show a couple of years ago, and was amazed at the number of people who knew about FFs, although they hadn't come across my Delta before. Not surprising. Some mistook it for the Voyager, but many knew about FFs from Motorcycle Sport articles. And Royce's name was mentioned many times! Of course there were many who just weren't interested, and the odd one or two who knew all about it, but knew nothing! It is now known as the Delta Sunbeam 928 - the engine is from a Talbot Sunbeam - and I ended up telling one particular geek that this was the prototype which finally sunk Sunbeam motorcycles. He nodded sagely, and walked away! Success!!

That's good to hear

Maybe the Scots are more aware of their surroundings than most... I think the good people of Bristol have concluded that I'm some sort of mad inventor and can be safely ignored.

I ran a Quasar in the I.o.M., in a previous millenium, with a large Velocette sticker (as a joke on the "always in the picture" slogan) and more than one person assumed that it was a Velocette protoype. Really I want to put a BMW badge on my E-FF - If I ever finish it - to see how cross they get. On the other hand if I get to convert a CE04 to FF I will obviously take the BMW badge off.