Some interesting older FFs on an interesting site:

Douglas Self's site is worth visiting - a few familiar FFs - and a few that I don't think I've seen here before. The rest of his site is a wonderful time sink...

Two-Wheeled Cars

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Vincent FF?

Love the idea of a mystery Vincent FF.. Anyone want to give me a Comet? Looks like a simple conversion along the line of my Ducati FF 001, obviously with a Hossack conversion on the front end, we could fake it up to look old, possibly recently found in a barn...

No wait, it's got an ICE. I don't do those any more.

Also good to see that Arnold didn't come up with the 'Monotrace' name. Nothing new...

The text of the Vincent piece is also an interesting insight into thinking about the competition between cars and motorcycles - seeing the Austin 7 and the Morris Minor as wiping out the 'two wheeled car' market. This viewe is supported by the impact later cars like the Minvan had on large motorcycle sales. No congestion as such, or fuel efficiency issues in those days, being inside in a vehicle was still fairly novel and the FF performance possibilities were not appreciated. Makes quite an interesting contrast to the FJ video immediately below on this page of the bikeweb site