Making of futuristic motorcycle - Modified Scooter to enclosed two-wheeled vehicle


Excuse me for being entertained by the conjunction of vehicles shown on the Bikeweb front page right now. On one side a Quasar (forty years old) being lovingly restored. On the second line of the news headlines a brief walk-round of a Voyager (34 years old) and at the head a description of an enclosed FF (three years old?) described as "Futuristic".

Meanwhile BMW seem unable to fit a rear end to an electric scooter, Kawasaki are "committed to their existing ICE customer base", the streets are full of youth riding hastily modified cargo scooters. And a horde of the most inefficient and unsafe Powered Two Wheeler yet invented, "E-scooters", recieves state encouragement.

Cognitive disonnance? Asleep at the wheel? difficult to know. None of it's going to address Climate Change.

But don't mind me.