Toyota i-Roads in Grenoble

Toyota's i-Road is, arguably, the first serious alternative to an FF, at least in a city environment, from a major manufacturer. Certainly from a major car manufacturer.
Its footprint is no wider or longer than a big scooter or motorcycle, it takes two, and it leans like a traditional two-wheeler but is clearly much warmer, dryer and safer. PNB
Photo: © Paul Blezard 2015

Toyota i-Roads in Grenoble

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Yeah, Right

The warmer, dryer, safer, bit relates to it being fully enclosed. Like the aerobike and the Eco/Mono/zero tracers. And any other fully enclosed FF that anyone bothers to build.
Almost all FFs except one-off self-builds, also take two people.
FFs are lighter, simpler and cheaper. Like the i-road would be if you took a wheel and some other junk off it. 26-28" is default width for a good FF...
And, as I've said before, It's unlikey you'll ever see one of these going round the outside of even a Quasar in a fast turn.

Lets keep a sense of what FF's are about. Being the simplest and most efficient (In all respects) way of carrying two people and some luggage in a reasonable state of comfort, handling and safety.

Any damm fool can add weight and compexity, even Toyota (The world's least successful F.1 competitor). It's doing the opposite that matters!

But don't mind me. If you don't get single track vehicles and how FF's are the way to do them, drive a car. Most people do. That's the problem.

Tech Spec Toyota i-Road

Toyota i-Road – Technical Specifications
Length 2,350 mm
Width 850 mm
Height 1,445 mm
Wheelbase 1,700 mm
Curb weight* 300 kg
Tire size Front: 80/80R16
Rear: 130/70R10
Seating 2
Minimum turning radius 3.0 m
Powertrain Electric motors (2 kw × 2 units)
Maximum speed 45 km/h
Driving range** 50 km
Battery type Lithium-ion

*Empty vehicle weight excluding passengers, cargo, etc.;
**Target value based on operation at 30 km/h.

Warmer, Dryer.... Safer?

The i-Road will never be a viable alternative to an FF.

It has a propensity to understeer, which is why a training course is necessary, and its steering mechanism is unable to come with emergency manoeuvres at speeds of over 45 km/h.