"The C.1 Story"

I may be the last person here to have seen this, if not Youtube has this piece from something called bigcar and an unamed narrator that's worth a look for two reasons

One, it's an example of journalism at it's worse, it's English but it completely ignores any English contributions to the genesis of the C.1 except for;-

Two, it features what it says is a Quasar, except that it's got chain drive on the left, instead of shaft drive on the right. I'm pretty sure it's the Kiwi Quasar copy, a fine effort but neither English or a Quasar! Good job Malcolm is not longer available really, coulda got messy.

I guess you might excuse it as an excercise in 'roofus' FFs. It mentions the Monotracer ("A rich man's toy"), Adiva and the Elysium, which never made production. Except that the piece is actually about solutions to urban traffic congestion... I know I'm not the only person who upset the delicate ego's of the British Motorcycle press (richly deserved) but it's amazing, to me at least, how English FF projects achieve complete invisibilty.