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Kawasaki Ninja 500 FFM

This is my new motorcycle! I will be sculpting a radical body for it over the next year that looks like the Akira motorcycle (Manga animation).


I thank http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jeffs-Projects-By-Monroe-County-Customs-MCC/160837117318428 for producing the motorcycle (Jeff England).

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2 new FFM in the USA...

There will be 2 new feet forward motorcycles in the USA soon! One will have an Akira style body and the other will have the body of a sail plane for weather protection and higher mpg.

My buddy, Jeff, is making the motorcycles and I (also named Jeff) will make the bodies.

Not much remains to complete the first FFM. A jig will allow the 2nd one to be made the exact same way.

These are modified Kawasaki 500 Ninja motorcycles.

Jeff in Tucson, Arizona USA

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Hub Center Steering kit from ISR

I have sent a fax to ISR to find out how much their hub center steering kit costs.

It can be seen at: http://www.isrbrakes.se/products/ns2/

If anyone has information about this kit, or a similar kit, please contact me to let me know.

Thank you!

Jeff Bales
Tucson, AZ USA

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The aerodynamic feet forward motorcycle that I plan to build, after completing the Manga style body for a client, can be seen here: http://goblinmotors.com/GoblinFFM.jpg

This build will take place in about 8-12 months after completing the body design for the client. The client will have an exact copy of the base feet forward motorcycle. I will retain the motorcycle as payment for the work and send the one-off Manga style body to him for attachment to his motorcycle. You've got to love swapping skill for skill!

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49cc feet forward bike lane commuter

It's not painted yet, but my GoblinAero commuter is a blast to drive! It holds 5 bags of groceries and the fairings really make it useful. I am an industrial designer that sculpts and molds my own items.

The video of the GoblinAero can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKyQOJmLttI

I will be sculpting a Japanese Manga style body soon for a friend, then I'll shape up an aerodynamic fairing for my own feet forward motorcycle. I'll post more when that project gets started in a few months.

Feet Forward is COOL!

Jeff Bales
Tucson, Arizona / USA

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