Following the ZeroTracer in France Feb 2011

On day 79 of the all-electric Zero Race (around the world in 80 days) I met up with the teams at Valence fire station and then drove with Tobi Wülser and Frank Loacker in their Designwerk ZeroTracer up to the next overnight stop in Le Bourget du Lac, near Chambéry. This shot was taken near Valence with my little Olympus snapper, in my left hand, while driving the Genesis FF motorcycle with my right. PNB
Photo: © Paul Blezard

Following the ZeroTracer in France Feb 2011

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The worlds most efficient road vehicle

Look at that. Already older than the average life of most motorcycles. X-prize class winner, all electric, production vehicle design. Have you seen this Elon Musk? Are you going to Mars to avoid doing something sensible like this, or are you afraid it'll take sales off your great big cars?

I'm not suggesting the ZeroTracer is perfect, or that it couldn't be easily improved. But it is the most relevent road vehicle currently in existance and any road vehicle manufacturer not actively considering how to do it better is wasting their time and our resources! I'm being polite obviously...

Good picture too.

Triumph Parts in ZeroTracer, shock!

As explained in the caption to the ZeroTracer photo that I took at the triumphant finish in Geneva, the ZeroTracer has Triumph Rocket III wheels and suspension, possibly made in dear old Blighty (unless they come from Thailand, or somewhere else!). Lots more about the ZeroTracers and Peraves E-Tracers here:

The Story...

In theory I'm intrigued about the story behind the electric monotracers (AKA zerotracers etc) How did they manage to disappear 2.5 million bucks from the X-prize and go round the world with zero (how appropriate!) media response. Perhaps the old F.1 adage of spending 2.5 times as much bragging about an achievement as the achievement itself cost, didn't make it into the innovative two wheeler world. Or maybe it's not just me the motorcycle media won't talk to, maybe it's anyone with a new idea. Possibly Arnold upset someone, or other. One day some Journo will make a living pouring though it all.

However, in practice, I don't really give a shit. The Zero tracer is here, you can buy one and it's prettier and greener than a Tesla - and still the worlds media ignores it. That's the real story.

Different Electric Cabin Machines, and X-prize costs

FWIW I was told that it cost Peraves $2.5million to compete in the X-prize, with their two electric Monotracers; (one with a Brusa motor, the winner with an ACP motor). The ZeroTracer that went around the world was not a Peraves project, although it used a Peraves body. It was built by Tobi and Frank as a Designwerk project and sponsored by Brusa and Oerlikon, amongst others as can be seen in the photo I took at the finish, here: There was a film made about the whole round the world Zero Race adventure, although I have not seen it. PNB