Electric FFTTW @ EICMA (2011)

Paul Blezard in the SynergEthic Tilter, an all-electric leaning 3-wheeler displayed in the Green Planet zone at EICMA 2011 (Probably the world's biggest motorcycle show, held in Milan, Italy). It was fully road legal and had a French number plate. Not a 'proper' FF perhaps, but interesting none the less, IMHO. PNB
Photo: Paul Blezard archive

Electric FFTTW @ EICMA (2011)

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Seat height

What's the seat height for this thing? It looks more than a standard small saloon car; I also wonder how it compares with various FFs. Presumably, due to packaging & to keep it within a fairly short wheelbase, the driver might end up sitting higher. It's noteworthy only because a tilter like this is self-supporting when stationary, so there is no need to compromise between keeping the seat low, to maintain a low centre of gravity, and raising it enough for the rider/driver to hold the machine up when it comes to a stop.

I'd say the seat height was

I'd say the seat height was about the same as an 'average' saloon car. I'd also say that it's of interest because it was so narrow - much more so than a Carver TTW, for example, more like the width of a touring motorcycle with panniers on – well below a metre; 900mm/35.5 inches to be precise. Lots more photos and information here: http://www.designboom.com/technology/tilter-city-compact-ev/ PNB