Peraves AG (Monotracer etc.) goes bust

I read, in a badly computer-translated, German news item found on Google, that Peraves AG, manufacturer of the 'Ecomobile' and later 'Monotracer' luxury FFs, have gone into liquidation. The story suggests that funds "evaporated" in the development of an innovative engine, unconnected with FF production and that legal action is brewing. An attempt is being made to re-start the company which does not hold much external debt. Sounds like an internal falling out between Peraves principles, into which I would not wish to intrude.

We must all hope however that the worlds only production FF outfit manages to continue - and indeed move forwards in dewveloping their design towards a more user-friendly and affordable product. Otherwise FFs, the worlds most fuel efficient vehicles, are in danger of becoming a forgotten dream of the late 20th. century, with only this Swiss company showing the balls, imagination, and money needed to make them.

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Dropped the ball?

Was it the "SuperBallMotor" that killed it?

Page 34:

More here:


That does seem to have been the culprit. Difficult to know what the situation is inside Peraves but I got the impression that there's a divergence of interests in there between Arnolds enthusiasm for a new type of I.C. engine (possibly a bit late in the day for that...?) and E-tracer development, which would seem more relvent.

Hopefully some of our more journalistically-inclined members, who can claim better connections with Peraves generally (I've never even sat in one) will be able to give us the full story when they get back off holiday.

Title Error

Royce, it's Monotracer etc, not Monoliner etc This may give the wrong impression to those (few) following monoliner progress. An amended title line would be appreciated. CR

BTW, I promise will try and post some monoliner pics soon - chassis now resplendent in powder coat and ready for assembly- race tyres, suspension, silicon hoses and plumbing plus a NUDA powercommander (deletes the need for a Lambda sensor!) all ready to fit. Now have OMP 6 point harness and HANS equipped helmet. I don't know what the Stonehenge division of the VMCC will make of that!