French FF racer concept with rider and bodywork

French FF racer concept with rider and bodywork

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Good to see

About time that somone else realised the race advantages of FFs! They've only been legal in E-racing for five years or so...

It's encouraging that it's got some form of HCS, which can be fully exploited in the FF layout but there are a copuple of things I'd question;-

It will have to be an E-racer, only the AMA in America allows FFs in ICE racing, thanks to Bob Horne. That means 'efficiency' rather than 'power' is the key. So the rider could be a lot lower, further reducing the key frontal area. This means rear 'engine' so that, just like in a rear engined race car, the rider doesn't have to clear the transmission, but, unlike Monoliner, it would be an E-motor, much easier to package than some ICE designed for another layout. Of course it could be a development version, like Monoliner and it's true that doing development with an ICE is a big advantage, allowing a full days testing without recharge time.

Also the design doesn't use the space either side of the front wheel. Lots of room there, well proven option in road designs over twenty years. Put the riders legs in there and he can sit more normally, control more easily, suffer less, further reduce frontal area and wheelbase.

And the bodywork could cover the front wheel (In E-regs) and be a tighter fit around the rider. It's a racer, no point in making it slower! Don't forget that Monoliner CD;- .21. That has to be the target.

But don't mind me, few of my designs make it out of the shed. Go for it! Lets get two-wheeler racing out of the bi-plane era.

This must date from the 1980s

This design must be at least 25 years old, dating back to the late 1980s, since the caption starts by lamenting the fact that the letters pages are still in black & white rather than colour.......PNB