2-up in a Toyota i-Road (2015)

It's obviously a bit cosy, but this photo proves that the Toyota i-Road is capable of taking 2 people, out of the wind, rain and cold. It's a very compact package; less than 3ft wide, and lighter and shorter than a Quasar. Lighter than a Honda Pan European ST1100 too. These two Frenchmen had just hired it to drive around Grenoble.
Note that the vehicle behind is a Toyota 4-wheeler which although slightly bigger than the i-Road, can only take one person!
Thanks to Colin Russell for sourcing these 'vital statistics':
Toyota i-Road – Technical Specifications
Length 2,350 mm (92.5in)
Width 850 mm (33.5in)
Height 1,445 mm (57in)
Wheelbase 1,700 mm (67in)
Kerb/Curb weight* 300 kg (661 lbs)
Tire size Front: 80/80R16
Rear: 130/70R10
Seating 2
Minimum turning radius 3.0 m (118in)
Powertrain Electric motors (2 kw × 2 units)
Maximum speed 45 km/h (28mph)
Driving range** 50 km (31 miles)
Battery type Lithium-ion

*Empty vehicle weight excluding passengers, cargo, etc.;
**Target value based on operation at 30 km/h.
Photo: © Paul Blezard 2015

2-up in a Toyota i-Road (2015)

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C-evo? FFs?

OK, so no C-evo evaluation as an FF powertrain. Instead an entry on something that's not even a PTW, let alone an FF. Of course everyone needs a wide range of interests. I'm a keen Gardener for instance. But this is bikeweb, the go-to site for all matters FF, where E-power could be described as currently trending. So what's this about? There are other sites for E-'cars', tilters and so on, just not this one.

Although it's amasingly interesting that the lower half of the door is transparent. No, not really.

Maybe I should start a thread about the difficulties of growing over-wintered broadbeans in the face of ever-warmer weather.. Then there's the garlic.