Greenger's Electric Ruckus-esque Machine

Fresh off the prototype production bench. This brand new electric PTW is about to go on sale. Crying out to be properly FFed though, IMHO. PNB
Photo: Screenshot from Greenger website. More here:

Greenger's Electric Ruckus-esque Machine

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Communication faulure

See also for further examples of the complete failure to get across to electric PTW designers that electrification isn't going to solve the market failure of the motorised bicycle (15% of traffic in 1960, 3.5% in 2019). Whatever we've done to promote comfort, handling, safety and efficiency as a better solution, it didn't work.

Indeed, the popular adoption, and incoming acceptance by the D.o.T., of E-scooters, could be seen as a move in the exact opposite direction - zero comfort, handling, safety or efficiency, a high price to pay for zero emission!

So it goes.