FF-ish Electric Zecoo (2015)

I've only recently become aware of these electric Japanese creations, but they actually date from 2015. Not just a one-off, obviously, it was planned to put them into production, but the project seems to have stalled after a couple of prototypes were built. PNB
Full spec and lots more photos here: http://www.zecoomotor.com/index.html
Photo: screenshot from Zecoo website

FF-ish Electric Zecoo (2015)

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Presumably the project stalled just before they fitted the seatbacks and tail sections - or am I being too charitable?

Steps forward and back...

Earlier concept from the same designer:


From the Znug Design site:



Totally far out & trippy animation, man:


Funny how the earlier/older design has that seat back...


Indeed. One wonders about the mental process involved here. One one hand there are clearly structural difficulties getting a seat that low. On the other hand is this not just some visual design fantasy? Why is it proving so difficult for people to design a simple, egonomically correct, feet first two wheeler? Plenty of damm fools, you and I included, have done just that. I suspect it's the syndrome identified by John Partridge many years ago - "Not wishing to pollute the purity of my innovation by looking at what other people have done"

Historically, that's just not how innovation works. We all stand on someone's shoulders*, back to some poor sod hitting one piece of flint with another!

"I would have achieved more, but for the giants standing on my shoulders"...

Back to the Znug future

Aha. I recognise that Znug design, as picked up by Rob Horn way back in 2007. It's been sitting in the One Offs folder for 14 years, here: http://bikeweb.com/node/3348