Last Quasar Frame Refurbished!

Mike Ryan has been doing a really thorough rebuild and refurbishment on the very last Quasar (which was never actually finished in the first place!). He posted this photo of the repainted frame on the FF Facebook group back in May 2021. PNB
Photo: © Mike Ryan

Last Quasar Frame Refurbished!

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Given my oft-repeated mantra; "Fuck the past, what about the future?" I hope it's not a surprise when I question the point of this excercise.

The drawings, much of the tooling and even a near-full set of components exist but I sincerely hope that no-one wastes their precious time re-creating a Voyager! They may be more practical than a Quasar in everyday use and return a fuel efficiency that's still world class for two-wheelers - But it's 2021. The world is on fire or under water. ICEs are over.

The only point in building an FF now is to obtain, or demonstrate, a zero-emission PTW that's better than the pathetic offerings of the likes of BMW. E-power at this scale is difficult but possible and will get easier. There is currently no other propulsion option. FFs are a future, not heritage, concept.

Inaction is complicity.