Sam Pearce & Zak Wheels in an electric 2WD PTW

I met Sam Pearce at the 2021 Cenex-LCV event at Millbrook Testing Ground. His Zak wheels are mounted in a 2WD UBCO electric demonstrator, but the bike’s standard suspension is not actually required, since each wheel has its own built-in suspension! The UBCO electric bike is a production two-wheel-drive machine made in New Zealand and usually fitted with conventional wheels. These Zak wheels could be fitted in an FF-ed version of this machine, or in any other PTW of any kind. PNB
Photo: © Paul Blezard 23/9/2021

Sam Pearce & Zak Wheels in an electric 2WD PTW

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Sprung rims?

What keeps the rims from moving fore/aft during acceleration/braking?

Does it matter?

Who cares? People don't buy or use motorised bicycles because of the pain, not because they have ICE's. All over the world people are ignoring this obvious fact and spending big bucks on stuffing e-drives into bicycles. It's part of the flight from rational behaviour. "Those who the gods would destroy, they first make mad"

Leave them to it, there are better ways to spend the time.