Verge: hubless, Finnish & electric

OK, so this Verge TS from Finland is not an FF, but it has potential....the seat is actually quite low and it comes with forward 'cruiser' pegs as standard, in addition to the normally situated ones. There are no foot controls to consider and since the motor is in the 'hubless' back wheel there's no transmission to worry about either; not only no gears, but no chain, belt or shaft! And it has a claimed 80kW (107bhp) and a claimed 1000Nm of torque. And I've ridden one, briefly. The one pictured here in fact. Steering was very heavy at slow speed, but quickly smoothed out. A snip at €25K.PNB
Here's some of Verge's blurb:
'Creating 80 kW of power and 1000 Nm of torque, Our motor is an industry first, fully integrated electric motor. Maintenance is a thing of the past as our motor has no chain, belt, oils or filter. Creating an experience un-seen until now. Seamless power with nothing to think about than the road ahead. With a top speed of 180kmh and 0-100kmh in under 4 seconds, this is an electric experience that is truly unique.'
More here:
Photo: © Paul Blezard April 2022

Verge: hubless, Finnish & electric

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Jacking effect...?

Does the swingarm exhibit any torque jacking effect on acceleration?

No torque jacking noticed...

Not that I noticed in my brief ride. The strangest thing was the heavy feel of the steering at slow speed. Initially, it felt as if the front tyre was massively wide, or the steering geometry was chopper-ish, neither of which is the case. Felt normal above 20-25mph though.


Thanks for the hands-on experience.

Oh, what could be done with two of those drive systems (And R&D budget, R&D team, R&D facilities, etc...).