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What's it like to drive - on ice?

A Voyager moment on late January roads

What's it like to drive?

Some routine camera-on-FF footage of urban usage in Bristol.

2003 Fiat Punto Drivers Seat

I picked up this seat today. Hopefully it will be suitable for my t-max based FF.

2003 Fiat Punto Drivers Seat
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First test ride

This is a picture after my first test ride. This FF bike will be a AKIRA moive bike replica. It is made from a 2003 Kawasaki 500 ninja (GPZ). I changed the fork rake to match the body of the moive bike but i found out that it is too much and i plan on chainging it back to stock rake. And modifie the body to fit the frame. Jeff

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Singleshock Phasar V50 Development

The Singleshock Phasar V50 (formerly known as 'Monty's') in mid-2010
- with Bodywork
- Bare from the Left
- Bare from the Right
- Five shots of HCS after reducing Trail to solve weave-on-braking problem - successfully, it seems.

I thought I'd be able to upload these so they'd be immediately displayed but it looks like you have to go through the attachments. Eddie McD

Mating Hossack to T-Max Lump

Here the Hossack front end it being held up while the first pieces of the frame are fitted between it and the engine. The rear suspension has been disconnected to allow the lump down to ride height un-laden. The engine is supported by four temporary legs with adjustable feet. These allow the lump to be levelled. The bottom of the sump is set level and the ground clearance set to the T-max quoted ride height. As shown the wheel base is exactly as per standard. You can see that there is room to reduce the wheelbase.

The new front end interferes with the standard location on the air-box. You can see is sitting on top of the engine. The radiator is unsupported - the lump of wood fell over.

Royce in Z13 Quasar @ Goodwood 1984

Royce Creasey gets into a full-bore drift with the bodywork on the deck in the chicane at Goodwood Motor racing circuit back in 1984. Although ground clearance was obviously not as abundant as he might have hoped for, Royce recalled recently that "The main problem on that demo was the lack of front brakes" .

Royce in Z13 Quasar @ Goodwood 1984

Read This First - Introduction to FF two-wheelers

Introduction to FF two-wheelers

This is different to the technical submissions I've made here about FF's. They deal with specific technical aspects and are based on the development process that started with the Quasar and continues today.

I want to deal here with the response this process has generated from journalists and other people whose background knowledge has come mainly from motorcycles. Some of these people are very knowledgeable about motorcycles, some have engineering backgrounds, others display a level of ignorance rarely found outside journalism.

John Keogh's Sketch for a stylish Lynchmobile (2010)

Renowned and respected motorcycle designer John Keogh did a quick sketch of what Cedric Lynch's machine could look like with a bit of styling input, way back in 2010. I had hoped that something like this would be built in time for the second Brighton-London economy run in November 2011, but that didn't happen. Cedric says that the mirrors as drawn would add much more wind resistance than he would like; he would prefer them more like the ones he has mounted inside his existing machine.

John Keogh's Sketch for  a stylish Lynchmobile (2010)

Blez drives Dolphin Eco at Brno, 2009

This action shot was taken from a stills camera mounted on the back of a Czech Eco by Dan Lexa while I followed him around the Brno circuit. PNB
Photo: Dan Lexa, by remote control, July 2009.

Blez drives Dolphin Eco at Brno, 2009

Dolphin Eco & MonoTracer

Blez with the beautiful 1994 Dolphin Ecomobile and the first (2007) MonoTracer at a rest area in Germany en route from Switzerland to the Czech Republic for the annual driver training in 2009. I had the rather responsible job of chauffering the new owner of the Dolphin Eco all the way. It was a good run. PNB.

Dolphin Eco & MonoTracer

2010: Blez in QuickaQuasar at Bentley Museum

Blez in Mark Crowson's much-developed QuickaQuasar at the Bentley Museum which we visited during the 2010 Quasar gathering. Mark originally bought it off John Malfoy (of Quasar rear light and Romarsh Quasar production fame) back in 1998, in standard Romarsh trim, but changed it a great deal over the following decade.

2010: Blez in QuickaQuasar at Bentley Museum

Genesis meets Lynchmobile (2010)

Cedric Lynch and Julian Bond came to a presentation I gave about electric PTWs at the IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry) near Hertford in November 2010, to which I rode in Genesis. Afterwards we took a few snaps.

Genesis meets Lynchmobile (2010)

Genesis meets Bondburger 400

Julian Bond had his first ride in Genesis after a meeting at the IMI in November 2010. He reckoned his subtly modified and well-used Burger 400 still suits his needs better. The Burger 400 has a lower seat than most bikes and scooters, and Julian's is slightly lowered from standard, yet is clearly still much higher than that of Genesis. PNB
Photo by Denise Bond, November 2010.

Genesis meets Bondburger 400

Blez on DN01 at Bedford

You can see from this photo that the DN01 is most definitely 'Feet First'. The seat's a bit high, the bodywork's too low and there's a distinct lack of both weather protection and luggage carrying ability, but there are the makings of a pretty decent 'quick and dirty' FF there, if you could pick one up cheap....Ah yes, the price; could be a problem. The DN-01 is strangely expensive as new.....PNB.
Photo: Paul Blezard photo archive

Blez on DN01 at Bedford

Craig Vetter's latest economy run report

Some interesting results from this competition for lightweight streamliners that may over-excite diesel enthusiasts.

Cedric Lynch in Genesis

Cedric Lynch has another sit in Genesis at Brands Hatch, October 3rd 2010, with owner Paul Blezard standing alongside.
The Agni racebike which Cedric designed had just won the first UK electric roadrace series, piloted by Jenny Tinmouth.

Cedric Lynch in Genesis

2010: Rear View of Quasar line-up + Genesis

This pic shows a rear view of Genesis and the 4 Quasars while Mark gives a 'team talk' before the 'off' from Hastings to Lewes in the 2010 rally. Genesis (far left) obviously has the highest roof, but it's not so obvious that the red 'QuickaQuasar' roof is also considerably higher than that of the standard Quasars next to it for luxurious increased headroom. It makes a huge difference to the machine's user-friendliness. PNB.
Photo: © Paul Blezard.

2010: Rear View of Quasar line-up + Genesis
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2 new FFM in the USA...

There will be 2 new feet forward motorcycles in the USA soon! One will have an Akira style body and the other will have the body of a sail plane for weather protection and higher mpg.

My buddy, Jeff, is making the motorcycles and I (also named Jeff) will make the bodies.

Not much remains to complete the first FFM. A jig will allow the 2nd one to be made the exact same way.

These are modified Kawasaki 500 Ninja motorcycles.

Jeff in Tucson, Arizona USA

2010: GS Phasar + 2 Ecomobiles in Hastings

Quasars and Genesis to the left, Benelli Adiva and two ancient Peraves Ecomobiles to the right. (Steve van den Berghe and Els van der Hove are standing next to the Ecomobile in which they travelled from their home in Antwerp). The all-white GS1000 Phasar is easy to get in and out of, and poky and comfortable in a straight line, but feels very odd in corners......Terry Harding, standing with his back to the camera, owns the Piaggio-powered, 'Targa top' Adiva, whose roof can be cleverly folded into its boot. PNB
Photo: © Paul Blezard

2010: GS Phasar + 2 Ecomobiles in Hastings
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